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Neck pain is one of the fastest growing muscular-skeletal complains in America.  Prolonged computer usage, texting, poor sleeping positions, extended driving times, and poor work erogonomics all heavily contribute to the growing phenomenon.  While these are only a few examples of neck pain causes, often time neck pain can be treated non-invasively and inexpensively.  You don’t have to live with neck pain every day!  See which one of the types of neck pain you’re experiencing below.


Types of neck pain

Muscular Neck Pain: 

  • One sided muscular style neck pain with a full range of motionis one of the most common complaints and is often the result of improper sleeping position and/or support.  


  • Two sided muscular style neck pain with full range of motionis also very common and most often related to frequent over strain of the neck muscles resulting in pain. Prolonged computer work, extended driving, and even pronounces forward head posture are often causes of this type of neck pain.

Joint related neck pain:

  • Sharp sudden and severe pain pain, often when turning one’s neck may indicate pinching of a ligament in a joint space.


  • Constant pinching or stiffness that increases with neck motions may indicate restricted (stuck) neck joint(s)

Spinal disc related neck pain:

  • Gradually increasing neck pain that generally radiates down one or both arms past the elbow, often into the hands/fingers.


When to seek treatment for neck pain:

Neck pain that does not resolve or improve with rest, ice, and avoidance of re-injury 3-5 days after onset may require professional evaluation, consultation, and treatment. X-rays (available onsite) may be indicated based off the patient’s symptoms and physical evaluation findings. A MRI referral may be potentially necessary in cases where spinal discs are the suspected cause of neck pain.

Potential non- invasive treatment options for neck pain:

  • Percussion massage

  • Auto correcting cervical spine rehabilitation

  • Chiropractic joint mobilization

  • Spinal Disc Decompression


Our doctor and staff at the Lancaster Spinal Health Center has a long history of successfully treating sudden or chronic neck pain and providing a permanent solutions to prevent chronic problems in the future.

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